1Hope assembly exists to serve families in Sanford, NC.
It's our purpose and in God given Mission to Reach people with the Gospel of Peace, The Good News of Salvation. To Equip them with The Living Word of God and to Release them into their calling and destiny.

"i love it because, I experience the presence of the Holy Spirit
in nearly every service.
 The Spirit filled worship and preaching is awesome!  
After watching and listening to some of the youth in the church,
I know it's a place I want my kids to be."

- Richard Long

1Hope has been such a blessing in our lives.The first day we walked in We felt so welcomed like family.I had prayed for a Holy Spirit filled church that I can be rooted and the Lord led me to 1Hope.This is truly a Spirit Filled Church that really cares about the body of Christ, Spiritual growth and teaching the FULL gospel of Christ Jesus.

- Joanna Puga

1 Hope is a church that truly,  not only preaches the FULL gospel, but challenges the believers to be the example of Christ that we are called to be in our everyday lives because we are transformed by God's word. Truth is given in love and every message lines up with the living Word of God. All are truly welcomed and no one is made to feel like they are outsiders. When 1 Hope says that "We are better together" they mean it.  My family felt like we were part of the 1 Hope family from the moment we walked in the door.

-Dawn Early